Whether you've been writing for years, or just love reading and have decided to make the move to writing, romance novels are fun to write. So to learn how to write them, in the form of a recipe, read more.
Step one: Develop two main characters who are incredibly and unnaturally attractive but are somehow still single. The man is brooding/masculine/well-endowed but is also secretly caring/sensitive/monogamous. The woman is even easier to create, because she is always an extreme; either inexperienced/ignored/mistreated or fiery/strong-willed/stubborn. Coat each of them with a generous layer of sexual tension.

Step two: Mix the first two ingredients (ie the main characters) together. You can use two methods to accomplish the mixing. Method 1: Devise a series of quirky scenarios where they just "happen" to run into each other over and over again until they just can't resist each other anymore. Method 2: Put them in a situation where they have to work together, live together, or, the classic, get married.

Step three: Add at least three explicitly graphic sex scenes. Sprinkle in plenty of words such as "desire," "thrust," and, of course "hard." Hey, you can't go wrong with old classics, right?

Step four: Stir in creativity. Romance books may tend to have similar premises, but it takes creativity to differentiate the book from all of the others ones out there.

Step five: Complete your book with a nice, cushy ending. We're talking fairy tale-worthy. Maybe ballgowns and glass slippers don't apply to every genre, but you get the idea.

Now you know all of the elements of the perfect romance novel. So get out there, start writing, and I'll be waiting to see your bestseller out on the market any day now!
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01/21/2010 16:58

Whew! I got excited just reading the directions.


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