If you're new to eBooks, picking the category that appeals most to you might be difficult. You know the BOOK categories that appeal to you. You feel right at home in the library or at the bookstore. But do those interests translate to eBooks?
The answer is eBooks can completely change what you read.

In order to find what you want to read at a bookstore or library, you have to search. Now, with the internet and the creation of the oh-so-holy Google, some of us forget how obnoxious searching OFF the internet can be. Sure, stores attempt to label their categories, but within each category, other than alphabetical arranging, there is no organization. Whereas on the internet, one single word could narrow down books within a category enough to find exactly what you want.

Speaking of "what you want," is it even possible to find that in a store? Not unless you already know the book you're going to get before you come. For those of us who want to browse to find the right book, or have an idea, but not an exact choice already picked out, bookstores can be hell. Not only do online bookstores allow you to browse, most of them have reader reviews, so you can get an idea of exactly how accurate those "rave reviews" on the back of the book are.

And then there's those embarrassing books. Ok, some of us may care less about what people think about them than others, but no one likes to be seen picking up a book on How to Lose Weight After Your 15th Divorce (In my defense, it was more like 14 and a half. JK). Accessing those types of books online allows you to avoid the shame and the excuses (No one actually believes you're buying it for a friend).

Even if you do already know what book you want to get before you go to the bookstore, chances are it takes some of your gas and a good chunk of time to drive to the store, wait in line, find the book, buy the book, and then drive back home. Whereas you could have found and bought it online in 5 minutes (and saved some gas money).

So how do these differences affect what eBooks you read?
  • With the power of a search engine, browsing for what you want to read is so much easier. This might not affect what types of eBooks you read, but it will affect the quality of them.
  • Without strangers watching and judging you, you'll feel free to pick whatever topic you want. So don't be surprised if you find yourself reading very different books than your normally choose.
  • Bookstores and libraries can only carry a certain number of books (and usually try to only have the most popular ones). Online bookstores can hold any number of books. You may start reading more classics or rarer books.
  • You have instant access to eBooks. Interests that catch your attention randomly may be forgotten the next day when you actually have the time to go to the store, but will easily be purchased at any time or day online.
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