Boycotts, new eBook readers, and price controversy galore! There's never a boring day in the world of eBooks. What with all of the drama going on, it's easy to forget about quickly approaching Valentine's Day.
So, in honor of the much loved/dreaded holiday, here is a list of things NOT to do on the big day.
1. Don't spend all day comparing prices of eBooks. Hey, I get it. We all have to be frugal in this economy, and wouldn't it be SO much better if we got our favorite eBook for $2 cheaper than at Joe Schmo's site? Spend the extra time not used comparing eBook prices with your partner. You'll soon appreciate breaking your frugal habits for a much-needed back rub.
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2. Don't beg your partner for a new eBook reader. Between the exoPC Slate, BeBook Neo, the Onyx Boox 60, and the Apple iPad, I understand the need for a new, flashy gadget. 'No, it's not just a flashy gadget!' You may protest. 'It's so much better than my current eReader!!" Granted, most of these readers have some benefits, but are they really worth the extra money? Your current eReader does the job, so my advice is to wait for the dust to settle. That way, you can compare them logically with what you have now, and not be influenced by the newness of them all. Note: This is not a reason to "accidently" break the eReader you have now.

3. Don't use Valentine's Day to convert your partner into an ebook lover. Let's face it. People are very passionate about their reading mediums. I've found people who barely read at all to insist upon reading regular books vs. ebooks. Then again, some of that is fear of the new. But just because you would be so ecstatic to get that new eBook you've been wanting doesn't mean your partner feels the same way. Even if John Grisham IS publishing in ebook format now.

*For Valentine's Day ebooks to get you prepared for the big day, click here.*
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