Upon browsing the news, I found a great article in the Washington Post about the supposed "eBook Wars." Based on the way everything is going right now, that is a fairly appropriate title.
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Boycotts, new eBook readers, and price controversy galore! There's never a boring day in the world of eBooks. What with all of the drama going on, it's easy to forget about quickly approaching Valentine's Day.
So, in honor of the much loved/dreaded holiday, here is a list of things NOT to do on the big day.
1. Don't spend all day comparing prices of eBooks. Hey, I get it. We all have to be frugal in this economy, and wouldn't it be SO much better if we got our favorite eBook for $2 cheaper than at Joe Schmo's site? Spend the extra time not used comparing eBook prices with your partner. You'll soon appreciate breaking your frugal habits for a much-needed back rub.
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A great number of readers have recently expressed to me their issues with eBooks mostly being published in English. People have different opinions about it, so I want to know: how does it affect you? Are you bothered about the situation, or does it not affect you?
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