Which eBook Store Should You Use?

Now that you have a better idea of which eBook reader you want to use, it's time to consider where to buy your books. There are so many stores now that sell eBooks that they're starting to all look alike! Which one has the most benefits for you, the customer?

There are some things most eBook Stores have in common. Usually, they all have:
  • Multiple categories of books. You want a wide variety of books to choose from, or you're going to start wondering what the advantage of choosing an eBook store is.
  • Reader reviews. Using these while choosing a book helps you figure out whether buying it is worth it.
  • An excerpt or preview of the book. Sometimes, reading a few pages can help you choose if you'll enjoy reading the author's writing style

Through thorough evaluation on eBook stores throughout the internet, I've settled on one that consistently gives advantages over others. Diesel eBook Store. What features makes it different from other, similar sites?